Services & Rates

We offer:

  • Attended, unattended and online mastering for CD, Downloads, Web, Video and DVD. Also preparation and pre-mastering for vinyl cutting.
  • Delivery of verified DDP or Red Book masters for CD, files for downloads, Enhanced CD and DVD authoring.
  • Transfer, archiving and audio restoration from vinyl and tape.
  • Mastering from stems.
  • A full CD replication services for manufacturing CDs, and duplication for smaller quantities of CDRs.

What it costs:

Not every project is the same, and we don’t try to fit everyone into the same box. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

As long as we’re not too busy we are happy to do a test master of one of your tracks to show you what we can do for your music.

If you have just a few tracks and don’t need them assembled into an EP or album, we do offer a simple one price online mastering service. You pay via PayPal, then you will be taken to our upload page to send us the tracks. We then send you a link to download the finished 16bit files when they are ready.

Number of tracks: