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January 2012

Almost two years pass and barely any updates to the news on the site! Will try and do better this year. 
My only excuse is 2011was busy. Great music and such variety
Some highlights:
Gospel with Muyiwa and Riversongz, Rock, with Brian Howe, [Bad Company] plus some great tracks brought to me by Frank Camelli at Sphere Studios. Hip hop, [thank you Pyrelli and Chozen] dubstep-Amina Bryant, amazing scores from Jonathan Goldstein, Jazz from Clare Teal, Femi Temowo, Oren Marshall, Sun Ra, Tom Farmer and Rory Simmons. Some awesome funk from Jules Jackson and world music from Sona Jobarteh. I got to work on vinyl cuts for House Of Disco, Plus I was privileged to work on projects for Psychemagik, Splice and many many more.

March 2010

Well, the big news since you’re reading this, is the brand new website. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Take a look around, hope you like it. Now back to work for me... [especially as I'm typing this at the studio on a weekend too!]

February 2010

I seem to have quite a few restoration jobs going on this month, so lots of listening and painstaking adjustments. Interestingly my Sonic Solutions NoNoise Manual Declick tool gets used not just on vinyl restoration, but on many digital mixes. Clocking issues, CPU overloads and goodness knows what else. So many of these seem to slip through the net. Fortunately, NoNoise MDC is stellar at eliminating these digital gremlins.

January 2010

Well, the start of the new year. Last year was very exciting, with a really varied range of music to master. From delicate acoustic jazz to hard rock with some contemporary classical, avant-garde electronica and Hip Hop in between.

One of the highlights for me was my longtime friend and client Chris Batchelor winning the prestigious 2009 Paul Hamlyn composers award

Then I finished the year off in rocking style with a solo album from Brian Howe,,
formerly of Bad company. Great production from Brooks Paschal and great mixing from Rafe Mckenna. Makes my job much easier and makes me look good!

A new addition to the equipment racks during 2009 was the Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 class A mastering equalizer. I’d heard about this unit and got one on demo to try out. Well, it didn’t take long to realise this was a keeper. Beautiful top end, very clean and flexible. A great combination with my Manley Massive Passive, they are very different and complement each other extremely well.