We have assembled the finest analogue and digital mastering tools available. However, having the gear is only part of the story. The room and most importantly the engineer’s ears and experience are crucial.

The combination of our acoustically treated studio and the incredibly revealing full range monitoring system means we can hear accurately, so we can make any changes needed to bring out the best in your music.



Monitor Controller/ DAC

PMC MB2s Powered by Hypex Ncore mono block amps.

Crane Song Avocet


Manley Mastering Backbone
Custom metering by Crookwood

Analogue Processing

Knif Audio Eksa Equaliser
Manley Massive Passive Valve equaliser [modified]
Knif Pure Mu valve compressor
Crane Song STC-8H mastering compressor
API 2500 Compressor
Dangerous Bax equaliser
Custom 550a EQs
Custom SSL style VCA compressor

Digital Processors

Izotope RX9 Advanced Restoration tools

Weiss DS1 digital dynamics
DMG Equilibrium Precision EQ
DMG Essence de esser
DMS Limitless limiter
Voxengo Elephant Limiter
Fabfilter Pro L Limiter
TDL limiter
Crane Song Hedd 192
Crane Song Phoenix processors

SRC and file conversion by iZotope RX9 and Sonic Studio Process


Crane Song Hedd 192
Cranesong Avocet


Wavelab 11 Pro / Metric Halo
Protools HDX

Tape playback
Vinyl transfers

Studer B67 mk II 1/4" machine
3 3/4 - 15 IPS
Sony APR 5003 1/4"and 1/2" machine
71/2 - 30 IPS
Dolby NR if required
Sony7030 DAT
Modified Technics SP1210 with Origin live arm.
Choice of cartridges.
Custom transfer electronics
Denon 3x head Cassette deck

Just so you know... There’s a lot of esoteric analogue circuitry at work here, lots of it class A, which means it sounds great but isn’t necessarily very energy efficient. To make up for this, the electricity for the studio is sourced from renewable supplies. It costs me more, but I feel better about it.